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Our product is developed based on thorough research of restaurants owners and customers needs. We also know that needs are changing all the time, therefore we carefully working on new updates all the time.

Easy to Use
Loyalty points
Integrated with ExtedeaGo
Pick up & In-store order


Restaurant locations overview

Let the user choose between restaurant locations, check your opening hours, address and estimated time to prepare an order.

Restaurant Details

Provide relevant information about your restaurant like opening hours, address and contact information.


Sold out Feature

Only sell products that are available. With the integrated inventory feature, you can manually or automatically enable and disable products available to order.

Simple product presentation

Simple and nice presentation of product names, description and price.

Product Configuration

Simple & Complex Products

Sell your simple or complex products in an intuitive way.

Edit feature

Once added to the basket, users can easily edit or add new variations of a similar product.



With takeaway orders, users can easily choose to order for their desired timeslot and receive clear confirmation with all relevant information.

In-Store Order

With the In-Store order, users can order directly at a table or seat, for instance by using a QR code.

Loyalty Points

Motivate your users to come back - let them earn loyalty points and save on the next order.


Give instant information with the KDS, so the user knows the status of the order.

Colour Customisation

Adapt Ordin to your business colour for even better user experience.

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Partners & Integrations

ExtendaGo provides a market leading point-of-sale and unified commerce platform with thousands of active restaurants. Our platform is powered by  ExtendaGo POS.

Stripe - the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use APIs for payments. All our payments on our platform are handled by Stripe.