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Good customer relationships are essential in creating a sustaining and successful business.
In a digitalised world, dominated by platforms and faceless digital interactions, creating good relationships is harder than ever.

What we do

At Ordin we strive to give control back to the businesses, providing them with the tools they need to be digital without paying the price of participating in an expensive platform solution. By offering more branded and rewarding online ordering experiences, Ordin helps businesses stand out in the minds of their customers. With Ordin it is the business that owns the experience, and the business that owns the customers.

With our easily customisable website for online ordering, along with an array of supported ordering flows, clear communication and smart loyalty solutions, Ordin helps businesses reach their customers directly.
Mon - Fri 8- 15:00
+45 31 36 23 28
Mon - Fri 8- 15:00

Where to find us?

Ordin operates from our Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. You are always welcome to drop by or call us.

You can find us here:

Artillerivej 86B, 2nd Floor
2300 København
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Who stands behind Ordin

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